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A memorable experience with your friends, family, and colleagues is worth all the money and effort!

No matter what kind of event, we will make it a worthwhile experience for you and your guests. From corporate events to birthday parties, we will organize anything you want. Events are not everyday things; they are special and are supposed to be made memorable. To make sure that your event is cohesive and smooth, you need to connect with a professional event planner.

At Madison Avenue Events, we offer organizing events like Birthdays, Weddings, Adult Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties, Graduation Parties, Holiday Parties, Dinner Parties, and so much more. We love making your memories filled with beauty and fun; hence, all the events we organize are treated with full attention and professionalism. We believe that giving attention to all the minor details like parking, venues, guests' budget, and more is as necessary as the aesthetics and decoration. You can get in touch with us if you are looking for a good event-planning company in Washington.

Our services

Our past clients consider us the best event planner in Washington because we keep clients' vision and imagination on top priority. All we require from our clients is to specify their needs and requirements and answer our questions regarding the event so we can understand your taste. Then we can start carrying out the processes to make your event unforgettable. Once we have all the crucial details and notes, our team will devise a perfectly customized plan that will cover a budget plan, guest lists, and other things. We will form a package that includes event planning, event design, and day-of-event coordination to make things easier.

Our social event planning packages include all the vital strategies and methods involved in making your event memorable and exciting, from event planning and design to day-of-event coordination. Our crew will handle everything from start to finish, top to bottom, and creating a budget to packing your car with all gifts and goodies.

Why Choose Us?

To make an event full of life and excitement, event planners and coordinators should check all minor and significant concerns: event dates, location, weather, themes, guests, and more. It is understandable that one man cannot handle it all by himself; therefore, a good and qualified team will lower your stress and make things a lot easier for you. Once you get in touch with us, our team will assist you, ask you questions and listen to your necessities and desires; then, we will start planning out and connect with our vendors accordingly.

We have connections and references with proficient vendors for decorations, furniture, drinks and foods, tents, cakes, and more, so you are wrapped around successful and creative people who know what they are doing. As event experts, we know how to make your vision a reality which involves a lot of work.

Our job is to see and plan out from logistical, business, and creative points of view. We give attention to all the details, be it logistical, vendors or creativity. So dont worry; everything will be managed under our care, from forming a checklist, venue tours, and cleanups to guiding your precious guests. All these elements will help create a fantastic, atmospheric, and aesthetically engaging event. Reach out to us if you are looking for an event coordinator in Washington DC